light excites

Photography Lightbrush in Plymouth & Devon

This very exciting lighting technique, originally developed in the USA can be used to very great effect either to enhance your product in a very modern way or to create a 'work of art' that is totally unique and unrepeatable in any sense. Working in the dark after making the initial exposure and keeping the shutter open, the fibre optic and its range of light tools then adds in light, rather like spraying a car, with different colours and effects. Architects and Interior Designers would find this style of photography both different and stylish. Colours can be used in the image to reflect the final space where the work is to be hung.

Trevor Burrows is one of the very few photographers to have this very specialist equipment and to have developed the expertise to use it to great effect. Click below to send details of your particular area of interest in this very exciting form of photography.

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